SUP Yoga in Gran Canaria

Sup Yoga Arguineguin, Gran Canaria

Experience SUP Yoga in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria!

“Discover the purest physical and mental balance while practicing yoga on a paddle surfboard in the sea, as you connect with the elements of nature: sun, sea, and air.”

You don't need to have practiced yoga or paddle boarding before to enjoy this experience; I'll adapt to your level.

Welcome to the wonderful world of SUP Yoga in the waters of Gran Canaria!

What is SUP Yoga? It’s a yoga practice where the paddleboard becomes your mat. Picture the serenity of yoga mixed with the sea breeze and the gentle rocking of the ocean.

Strengthen your core, improve your balance, flexibility, and activate your concentration. But beyond the physical, SUP Yoga is an emotional break.

Connect with the sea, release stress under the sun, and let the calm of the ocean inspire a deep connection with yourself, capturing you in the present moment away from any noise.

But do you know why you should give it a try? Because it’s suitable for anyone, with or without prior experience in SUP or Yoga, who wants to gift themselves a moment of connection and health.

The equipment we use is specially designed for this practice, and stability and comfort are just a couple of its strong points.

Moreover, with small group sizes, the session’s level will adapt to each person’s conditions, incorporating poses whether seated, kneeling, lying down, and in some cases, standing.

I can only guarantee one thing: the feeling of peace and happiness that will flood your body and soul will make you contemplate doing it again.

SUNSET SUP YOGA experience in Gran Canaria

If you’re also a sunset lover, can you think of a better way to end the day than with a magical experience of Sunset SUP Yoga?

It’s the perfect blend of yoga serenity, connection with nature, and the magic of the sunset. Feel the gentle breeze caressing your skin as you practice yoga poses on the calm waters, all under the golden glow of the setting sun.

Let the calm of the ocean and the beauty of the sky envelop you, releasing tensions and connecting with yourself in a unique way.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Sunset SUP Yoga in Gran Canaria?


Mireie Cubero


Certified in SUP, SUP Yoga, SUP Fitness, first aid and Yoga teacher.

Important points to consider before participating:


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Special notes:

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Some questions that I'm often asked about the experience.

Although the classes are for all levels, they are focused on beginners, so you don't need to have previous experience in yoga or paddle surfing.

However, having tried paddle surfing before will give you more confidence, and you'll be able to try different standing postures.

You just need to come with a bikini or swimsuit, as I'll provide you with a protective rash guard.

But if you have sensitive skin, I advise you to come with leggings that cover your knees to protect them from the friction of the board, and also bring a change of clothes.

You surely know your little one better than I do, and it's true that this might not be the activity that keeps them most entertained. But if you, who knows them well, think that might be interested, it will be more than welcome.

You can leave in your car or mine. You can also leave something on the beach such as, towel, shoes... but be aware that it won´t be attended.

Classes will only be canceled when weather conditions prevent us from safely carrying out the activity.

In that case, we'll provide the option to reschedule the activity for another time or offer a refund for the amount paid.

Already thinking on coming back, right?

If this is your case, you have the possibility of getting 4 session pass for 100€ (if you are resident) so you can save some money. Ask me if you are not resident and I will make you an offer anyway

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