Hi! Welcome!

If you're here, it's because you want to get to know me better, so I'll start from the beginning.

At the age of 7, I started playing the piano. It was my first calling, or so I thought, because I happily spent my childhood sitting at the piano instead of playing with other kids.

I truly enjoyed that time!

However, I couldn’t see myself pursuing a musical career for my whole life, and that led me to my first “existential crisis.”

(That’s why I moved to the Canary Islands, searching for something even I didn’t know what it was).

Eventually, I decided to study tourism because I loved traveling, communicating with people, and learning languages.

It worked out well for me, and I quickly became the Front Desk Manager of a large hotel under the guidance of an incredible director. I learned the best of excellence in the tourism industry.

I moved around different hotels, and making my clients’ vacations a little better, ensuring they took beautiful memories of Gran Canaria and their stay, made up for the stressful situations I experienced for over 10 years.

Adventure and travel arrived in my life.

But there came a moment when I felt that the Mireie who had developed leadership, teamwork, organizational, and business management skills didn’t fit or align with the lifestyle I desired.

Unbeknownst to me, something was brewing within me. Alongside my job, I co-founded an adventure sports company that opened the doors to an unknown world for me, a world that fascinated me.

I engaged in high-risk sports that I had never imagined, suspended by ropes on hundreds of meters high walls while rappelling, rock climbing, canyoning, or exploring pitch-dark caves with fascination.

I also discovered backpacking trips and had my adventures in Iceland, Peru, Indonesia, and Greenland, where I even became an accompanying guide for international groups. We paddled in individual kayaks among icebergs, camped beside glaciers while watching northern lights, with the sound of icebergs calving into the sea as the background music.

For the first time in my life since my piano days, I found another passion: traveling to places where I can contribute to the economic growth of the area and its people, practicing sustainable and respectful tourism.

Okay Mireie, so how did you end up with YOGA and SUP?

Wait, I’ll continue.

"Moments of crisis are times to grow from within"

The year 2019 ended up being emotionally dark and challenging for me, but I managed to come out of it with acceptance, gratitude, and resilience.

During this period, I deepened into my personal development and emotional intelligence.

In addition to the training courses I took, sports and being in contact with nature helped me immensely in my introspective journey.

Thanks to my weekly paddle surf (SUP) sessions, I discovered that being by the sea was the genuine and cost-free medicine that made me feel the best (and in the Canary Islands, I can enjoy it all year round).

This activity on the sea, under the sun, allowed me to oxygenate, fill myself with energy with each inhalation, improve my mindfulness, and exhale any mental noise.

I also became a yoga teacher and went deeper into its philosophy as a way of life, seeking that unity of body, mind, and soul, through which I regained my mental peace and personal stillness.

And that's how Sup Fit Yoga was born.

My physical and mental health returned, and I found the balance I needed. I continue to invest in personal development, emotional intelligence, and anything that improves the quality of life.

I also discovered a coherent purpose in my life, which is to share experiences that offer so much well-being, combining sports.

That’s why today I find myself on the biggest journey of all, the journey of entrepreneurship.

Now, it’s me who is creating for you the kind of experiences I love to have when I travel: being with a local person, learning something new, and cherishing those memories with gratitude when I return home.

These experiences are all about connecting with yourself and nature through SUP and Yoga, co-creating moments filled with positive energy, and sharing my passion for sports on the sea.

That’s why everyone is warmly welcomed here, whether you travel in a group or not. Even if it’s just you and me, we’ll head out to the sea to enjoy its beauty and the unique conditions that the island of Gran Canaria offers.

Now that you know me better, if you too want to experience this journey with me, click the button and choose your adventure. I’ll be waiting for you!

Groenlandia 2014
Islandia 2018
Indonesia 2019
Madeira 2020 (1)
Madeira 2020
Formación Yoga 2020

Estas son mis certificaciones

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These are my certifications

In order to offer you experiences where safety and professionalism prevail, I have trained as: